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Donate in December-The Austin Diaper Bank

Our series is starting with the Austin Diaper Bank! For the last two and a half years, this organization has tackled the very vital task of diapering babies and seniors in need in our area.


I spoke with the Founder and President, Beverly Hamilton, about the bank and how they help. We discussed how lacking such a basic necessity can be extremely stressful for a working parent who needs diapers in order to leave a child at daycare, or for a senior citizen who is living on a fixed income. Many people are unaware that diapers are not covered by any type of federal assistance program. That means that those who are most affected by the high cost of diapers must receive help from other organizations.

That’s where Austin Diaper Bank comes in. Their generous donors allow them to distribute diapers to multiple local service agencies, which are then able to get them into the hands of those who need them. According to their website, the bank had taken in over 300,000 diapers as of September!  They can use your help in multiple ways to assist even more people. You can donate diapers, funds, or your time, and know that you will positively affect the life of someone right here in Austin.  Check out their blog for more fun ideas about how to get involved!


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