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Donate in December-Mission Accomplished

Our spotlight today is on Mission Accomplished, a social service organization for those experiencing homelessness.


I spoke with the founder, Ebonie Trice, about this group and it is clear that she is an amazing resource for those who are looking to build a stable, healthy life for themselves and their family. One such service Mission Accomplished provides is laundry washing, something many of us probably take for granted. Every other week, Ebonie and volunteers pick up laundry of those in need from designated drop off areas. The volunteers then wash/dry/fold the laundry, and return it fresh and clean. They accept donations of laundry detergent, and are also looking for a laundry facility that will partner with them to occasionally provide machines for free. At this time, there are only enough volunteers to provide the service bi-weekly. With more volunteers it could be offered on a weekly basis.

Currently, Ebonie’s extensive network provides people with resources such as job postings, housing assistance, and much more. In the long-term, she would like to have a physical location where individuals can attend workshops to help build skills like resume writing. The resource center would serve as a space where anyone could come to receive assistance to better their lives.

Please visit the Mission Accomplished website here for more information about their services and how you can help! If you’d like to donate funds to help with the cost of doing laundry, there is a donation page here. Just $5 can provide someone with the comfort of clean clothes!


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