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Donate in December-G.E.M.S.

It’s spotlight time for Donate in December, and today we are appreciating G.E.M.S!


G.E.M.S. is Girls Evolving into Maturity Successfully. I recently spoke with the founder, Azena Jones, about the mission of the group. The main focus is helping girls from ages 6-18 grow personally and spiritually. This fantastic organization is helping girls find their voices as individuals, and in the process develop essential skills like decision making and speaking up for themselves that will lead them into a bright future.

Right now, there are two chapters which serve different age groups in different areas. The Manor chapter works with girls ages 6-12, and the Austin chapter is for girls aged 13-18. A third chapter will start up in the Buda/Kyle area in January!

One thing the chapters could use at the moment is donated meeting space in the North Austin area. If you have space, or can get G.E.M.S. in touch with someone who does, contact them through their Facebook page here. Another important way to get involved is by volunteering. The group needs volunteers with a variety of backgrounds to come share their successes and help inspire the girls. Consider sharing your insight and talents!

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